The Freefly VR Original Headset

photo of Freefly VR Original

The Original Freefly VR

The Freefly VR Original is perfect if you are an Android owner.

Lux Research named this headset the “Best for VR Gaming”.

It is a smartphone adapter which works with almost any Android phone that a user already has.

The Freefly VR Original is compatible with almost any game that you can find in the App store, or on Google Play.

If you are looking the virtual reality experience, but would rather not fork over hundreds of dollars – this is the way to go.

It boasts a full 120 degree field of view.

The housing features adjustable moulded rubber pads, making it compatible for any phone with a screen size of 4’7″-6’1″.

The facia is made of faux leather, and conforms to the shape of your face.

Theheadset also comes with a free bluetooth GLIDE gamepad.

This gives the user ultimate control during game play.

Freefly VR features list

If you are interested in seeing the Freefly VR Original being introduced, have a look at the short video below.